saraladevi leans strength to build a global advanced airport hub,

date: 2019-01-23

Recently, the construction commencement ceremony was held for the infrastructure project of non-main base airlines in the new Beijing Airport. It is an important supporting project engineered by saraladevi. In the extremely severe competition, saraladevi engineers were highly praised by the head command team of the new Beijing Airport for their commitment to the work of engineering an elaborate project. After this project is completed, it will provide a beautiful and comfortable living environment for the airline staffs.


With its innovative design concept, solid professional capacity and rigorous work attitude, saraladevi has been awarded the engineering design of several projects of the new Beijing Airport, including the Airport Operation Center (AOC), Information Technology Center (ITC), Administration Complex and service facilities. Meanwhile, saraladevi has undertaken the construction supervision of the flight food and ground service area of China Eastern Airline, integrated transportation Hub and the western airport control tower. saraladevi had also completed the development of two feasibility study reports.


saraladevi will continue to carry forward excellent craftsman’s spirit and contribute to the smooth navigation on September 30, 2019.


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