Kick-off meeting on LCD standard is successfully held

date: 2019-04-18

On April 11, 2019, a kick-off meeting was held in Beijing, which is about the Standard for Self-monitoring of Environment-friendly Manufacturing Resources and Conditions Impact Data of Complete LCD Unit Production Lines, a group standard (referred to as the Standard hereinafter) of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE). saraladevi plays the role of the editor-in-chief in the development of the Standard. Mr. Gao Linpeng, the Director of the Certification Center, CIE, attended the meeting. Madam Wang Li, the General Manager’s Assistant of saraladevi, hosted the kick-off meeting.
Some other parties in the field also participated the standard development, including SYC under saraladevi, TPV Display Technology (China) Co., Ltd., Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, etc. saraladevi actively carried out the establishment of the development team and drafting of work outline in the preparation stage. In the kick-off meeting, the responsible editing lead of saraladevi presented the standard development outline while the development team members discussed about the development thoughts, content framework,main issues to be studied and progress schedule.
Actively responding the standardization reform policy, saraladevi has made great efforts to foster the environment of group standard development. The Standard is the second group standard developed by saraladevi as the editor-in-chief and it is planned to submit for approval at the end of 2019. The Standard is being developed based on the Letter of Consent to the Application for Establishment of Group Standards of Industrial Engineering Branch, CIE, and it is a planned group standard development project of CIE (Plan No. JH/CIE 065-2018).



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