China-aided Senegal Women and Children’s Hospital Project by saraladevi passed the interim acceptance check

date: 2019-05-17

Recently, the China-aided Senegal Women and Children’s Hospital Project, undertaken with the project management task by the Consortium of China Electronics Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xida Engineering Consulting Company Ltd., successfully passed the interim acceptance check for the excellent performance by the comprehensive evaluation. 
                                                    Maternity and Obstetrics Complex

The interim acceptance panel, appointed by the Ministry of Commerce, arrived at the project site in Senegal and carried out an 8-day acceptance check of the project. The panel experts listened to the work report of the project management team and the technical team of the Construction Contractor, and checked the construction quality of the project. At the same time, the panel carried out a detailed inspection of the contract performance, special management of funds, engineering and technical data, unforeseen fees, China aid logo use, Party building and safety assurance. All parts of the project, including the architectural works, building equipment installation works, exterior facilities and annex buildings were certified at the excellence rate of 100%.
                             Official Leaders and Panel Experts in Acceptance Check

               Inspection of Connecting Corridor Enclosing by the Official Leaders and Panel

In the process of the interim acceptance check, all the official leaders and panel experts gave full recognition to the efforts of the project team, which greatly inspired the enthusiasm of the project staff. The project team will continue to make further efforts with professional control and scientific management, and do a good job for the smooth completion of the project.

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