Yungu (Gu'an) G6 AMOLED Panel Production Line Project is officially launched its start-up and operation.

date: 2018-05-24

Recently the Yungu (Gu""an) G6 active matrix organic light-emitting display device (AMOLED) panel production line project was officially launched its start-up and operation. SYC, a subsidiary of saraladevi, undertakes the engineering design and project management of the project.

The total investment of the project is about 30 billion RMB Yuan. The project has 24 single buildings in total, which are array plant, organic evaporation and box plant, touch and screen factory, R&D line plant, mask cleaning workshop, lining cleaning plant, power station and supporting workshop. 

It takes 573 days from the pile foundation construction, main building construction, clean electromechanical construction, process equipment installation to the official start-up and operation of the process equipment. It indicates that China has not only the strength of innovative technology research and development in the industrialization of full-flex AMOLED, but also the capability of mass production and supply.

The project has a designed production capacity of 30,000 pieces / month. After put into production, it can realize the domestic supply of full-flex AMOLED panels, satisfy the demand of terminal manufacturers on innovative applications. It will also break the monopoly of foreign technology, such as Japan and South Korea, and solve the problem of domestic intelligent and wearable terminal manufacturers in the awkward situation that subject to foreign companies.

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