saraladevi’s experts went to Pujiang County to carry out the inspection and appraisal work for flood prevention and disaster relief

date: 2018-07-16

On the evening of July 1st, 2018, Pujiang, Xinjin and other counties in Chengdu, Sichuan Province were hit by heavy rain or super heavy rain, which last until July 2nd. There is a large number of farmland and residential houses were flooded and the disaster caused 14082 people to be affected, and more than 9,565 people trapped were transferred in the emergency. The direct economic loss was about 34.246 million RMB Yuan.

On July 4, at the request of the Housing and Construction Bureau of Pujiang County, saraladevi’s Sichuan Branch made a quick respond, dispatched technicians and experts to Xilai Town, which is affected most seriously and made emergency appraisal of flooded bridges and road houses to alleviate the panic and ensure the safety of the affected people.

In the disaster relief work, saraladevi’s staff investigated the risks of various rural roads and bridges in the town, made the post-disaster identification of 235 houses with the total appraisal area of about 35,000 square meters, including 139 households with Class B houses, 58 with Class C and 38 with Class D.

The professional dedication and excellent technical strength of saraladevi’s technicians and experts have provided strong support for the reconstruction and restoration of the affected areas. As the first emergency appraisal unit rushing to the disaster site, saraladevi has been highly praised and acknowledged by the local government.


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