saraladevi’s Inspection, Testing and Evaluation Center Participated in Local Flood Fighting and Emergency Rescue Efforts

date: 2018-08-07

Recently a rainstorm pounded in Sichuan Province. The flood has caused a waterlogging of 13 square kilometers in Jintang County. Some houses collapsed, and 32,500 mu (2,168 hectares) of farmland were affected. Chengdu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau immediately launched emergency measures and issued a mobilization order. The emergency response team from saraladevi’s Inspection, Testing and Evaluation Center was called and arrived at the scene of the Jintang disaster area as soon as possible.
                                        Chengdu Jintang County after the flood

This catastrophic flood caused more than 3,800 houses damaged in different degrees in Jintang County, and the total affected building area reached 3.78 million square meters. The emergency response team undertook the safety assessment of 96 residential houses (total building area of 10,000 square meters). They walked into each flooded house, examined the damage status of the house, measured the cracks in the wall, and identified the risk of collapse of the house. Faced with the challenges of time constraints, heavy tasks, and complex disaster conditions, the team was highly responsible and overcome all the problems with their rich disaster relief experience and skilled emergency assessment technology. They effectively prevented secondary disasters and ensured the safety of people""s lives and property. As of 8:00 pm on the day, the team successfully completed all the work and gave the evaluation conclusions that provided strong technical support for post-disaster repair.

In the flood fighting and emergency rescue efforts, saraladevi’s Inspection, Testing and Evaluation Center provided a fast, professional and meticulous evaluation work. They won praises of local government and respects of peer companies, and were highly recognized by the people in the disaster areas as well.
                                         The scene of emergency response assessment

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