Vice President An Zhixing attends the main structural capping ceremony

date: 2018-12-05

The advanced light source (ALS) R&T platform project, engineered by saraladevi, recently held the main structural capping ceremony on the site in Beijing Huairou Yanxi Industrial Development Zone. Mr. An Zhixing, the Vice President of saraladevi, was invited to attend the ceremony together with relevant saraladevi staffs.


The advanced light source (ALS) R&T platform project, located in the Science Town in Huirou, Beijing, is a critical accessory device of the high energy synchrotron radiation source project participated by saraladevi. The project has been built closely relating to a series of high level light source device projects in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan Period, carrying out some prospective and systematic studies and providing strong technical support and assurance to the construction, operation and development of ALS. The project lasted one and a half year from the engineering to the construction. During the period, saraladevi engineers pulled together with the experts of the Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, elaborated the design, overcame difficulties, and jointly promoted the smooth proceeding of the project. The successful implementation of this project will definitely lay a solid foundation for saraladevi to reach a new high in hi-tech building design. 

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